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Quantum Rose Sessions

Activate the Divine Codes Of Your Soul's Blueprint

Nothing is more empowering than knowing what we came to this world on purpose to explore and experience, and how to journey in greater alignment with who we truly are. It’s like finding a light in the dark or being able to guide your ship back on course instead of wandering, lost for years, on a vast ocean. It is so easy to get lost, to lose our way, or become side-tracked.



Access the Treasure Map of your Life



The power of a Quantum Rose session is in reconnecting you with your spirit guides and Higher Self in order to bring forth the answers that you are seeking, as well as re-igniting your initial connection to your Soul's Blueprint. This way you can discover the "treasures" you were born with, as well as where the "keys" to your treasures can be found in your life  – It is about helping you step into who you truly are at Soul level and become a conscious creator of your future. Countless possibilities await us, it is a matter of deciding, and choosing what you want, and then co-creating them with the knowledge and gifts of your original Soul Bluepint from birth.

Do you feel ready to claim your power back and take a quantum leap into the future that you desire?


Quantum Rose Sessions are centered on Tarot Readings, Tarot Therapy and Akashic Healing, although they can, and are oftentimes enriched with other energetic modalities which your guides and Higher Self will point me to if required. Therefore, you can expect each session to be custom-tailored to your specific needs in the moment. 


What will you harvest from Quantum Rose sessions?

  • Access the wisdom and advice of your spirit guides and Higher Self
  • Discover who you are at soul level
  • Access your truth and gain awareness where it is most needed
  • Gain clarity and understanding
  • Heal emotionally
  • Raise your frequency
  • Discover what you and your soul family’s higher purpose is all about
  • Unravel and clear ancestral karma / patterns / cords & contracts
  • Dive into your Akashic Records and heal them
  • Find guidance for any area of your life!
    1. Career
    2. Money
    3. Romance
    4. Personal Wellbeing
    5. Home and physical environment
    6. Friends and family
    7. Spirituality and personal development
    8. Fun and recreation

The Quantum Rose - Signature Session

A synergistic experience of Tarot Therapy, Intuitive Guidance and Akashic Record Healing. 


We start by setting the intention for the session and diving into what it is you wish to clarify in this moment of your life. Channelled messages directly from your spirit guides and Higher Self indicate how to clear blocks, rebalance energies and activate your intention around the issue being explored. During the session your guides might also wish to share with you other messages about something unexpected in order to help you move forward; they are jumping at the chance to use my channel to communicate with you! Sometimes one session is enough to clear your path for a particular goal; when it isn’t, your spirit guides and Higher Self will let you know what will best support you.

Unique to the Quantum Rose Signature Session, an examination of your Akashic records may be indicated. We look at the akashic loops, stories, emotions, traumas, beliefs, cords, contracts and agreements that may be holding you back from living your truth and accessing your Original Soul Blueprint. I will help you to clear, release and integrate layers of trapped and unhelpful patterns that shape your life in ways that do not serve you. This work also helps clear the ancestral stories that play out until we identify and clear them.

Clearing our Akashic records of all that is imprisoning us is incredibly liberating and renders us able to expand into who we truly are at Soul level without all that 4D baggage weighing us down and trapping us in recurring patterns that inhibit our soul essence.

As we peel away these layers and clear them away, we get closer and closer to our truth, accessing, remembering and activating our Soul Blueprint, which allows us to set into motion our original soul missions and true-life purpose, untainted and unencumbered.


The Quantum Rose Signature Session is a fully transformational process, a matter of reality engineering on the energetic level. It is designed to help you:

  • Activate personal transformation towards a soul-aligned life

  • Bring you into resonance with what you want to manifest

  • Transform and heal stuck energy at the quantum level

  • Clear your Akashic records of unwanted 4D data & blocks

  • Clear ancestral patterns

  • Support you energetically through important transitions over a period of time

  • Help you discover and experience who you are at Soul level

  • Ignite a personal connection with your Guides and the Divine

  • Activate your intention into your quantum field


Duration 80 mins / We have € 111

Tarot Therapy & Guidance

During the session, we will work with the Tarot as a therapeutic and divination tool to help you access and bring to light what is hidden from your awareness.

The archetypal images of the Tarot will serve as a mirror and portal to your Soul and Higher Self, helping you to tap into your truth, while giving you a better understanding of who you are at Soul level, and why it is you are currently having certain experiences, or living out certain patterns that are no longer serving you. We will also identify the blocks that are in your path right now and what you can do to move past them.

As we unveil what is in your subconscious mind, through the powerful symbolic language of the Tarot, we uncover the gold nuggets that were beforehand lying out of your awareness, allowing you to now use this newer level of understanding to better navigate your life and problem-solve with more confidence and direction. 

Your Guides and Higher Self during our session together will be using my channel to help bring forth messages that they wish to impart to you at this time, as well as information, guidance, and insights around the topic / intention of your choice to help you better move forward with clarity and direction in your life.

A shorter version of the Signature Session, "Tarot Therapy & Guidance" sessions are a 60 minute immersive Tarot-centered session, essential for those who wish to find answers and clarity around a certain issue or topic, as well as for those who wish to find guidance on the next steps to take in their life that are in true alignment with their Soul journey. 

60 mins / session € 77

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