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Your Spirit Guides and Angels always know exactly what you need to hear and what to bring to your awareness to support you in this very moment of your life. They may recommend a single therapy or a blend of several that are specifically for the issues in question at this particular time. The toolkit for your work is always tailor-made to your specific needs. I work mainly with the Tarot and the Akashic records, but a variety of other vibrational modalities can be used as well if they are indicated by your guides during your sessions; this is the fun part!

My Magical Toolkit

Within each session with a client, I can be led to use a variety of divination and healing tools such as the Tarot, Oracle cards, Runes, the I-Ching, Tibetan Feng Shui, as well as many more different types of esoteric, vibrational and energetic modalities.

I am most often guided to do Tarot Readings, Tarot Therapy, and Akashic Healing within my sessions.

However, I can also be shown to do some energy rebalancing, or even a clearing on the chakras, the aura, subtle bodies or other energy fields, harmonise and raise personal vibrational frequencies, clear geopathic stressors, or even focus entirely on healing specific files from the Akashic Records. I can also be led to work on past lives, parallel lives, or parallel realities.

The mix of tools and techniques depends entirely on what your Spirit Guides bring forth during your session with me, which is derived precisely from the intention you set at the beginning of your session. The effect can be like spring cleaning your psyche, to make way for you to align with your optimal timeline and manifest your most complete, soul-aligned life. In the process, you may be supported to reprogram habits, beliefs, behaviours, attitudes, geared towards your ability to manifest with more ease and flow, as well as nurture your growth as a spiritual being having a physical experience here on Earth. As momentous as the effects are, working in the quantum field is laser-like and lightning-quick. Together, we do whatever is necessary to facilitate transformation and vaporize the blocks to your treasure, as well as retrieve the "keys" that you may need in order to find the clarity you are seeking concerning your life, your soul and your destiny. 

" A little Magic can take you a long Way... "

Flower Essences

Moreover, flower essences are also an integral part of my magical toolkit. Flower essences are carefully prepared liquids imbued with the imprint of the living plant’s vibration, afloat in spring water and a touch of fixative (brandy, vodka, or vinegar). They can be the vibrational essence of single or combined flowers. These beautiful remedies have magical properties that affect people, pets, and even plants! They cleanse and raise our vibration by flooding our natures with higher consciousness, crowding out, rather than working ‘against’, a block or unwelcome emotion. Flower essence therapy is used as a support with exactly the right energetic frequency to help you shift and get where you are meant to be. 

My flower essence recommendations are always based on your Higher Self and guides guidance rather than relying on a chart or list to look up the ‘right remedy’ for the emotions that you wish to quell or enhance. As such, neither does the guidance come from the psychological or cognitive perspective of a traditional practitioner. There are many layers to your energies and being, and your guides can see and understand what we do not. They know what you need, and I trust their guidance implicitly.  They will even tell us which essence from which of many different producers of flower essences will serve you at the time.

My guides initiated me into my flower essence practice through their unwavering supervision and guidance while I’ve worked with clients as well as pets over the years. They have insistently included flower essences to the extent that they are now a constant in my work. My own unique soul design includes an affinity with flowers and plants, so I easily access their messages and their magic on a highly intuitive level. 

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