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Ever since I can remember, I’ve been enchanted by ancient wisdom and rituals. The art of Feng Shui pervaded my family's way of life in my home country of Taiwan and as I grew, I always knew that one day I would learn to master the mystical arts of transmuting energy. Still entranced by the subtle realms and magic as a teenager, I delved into doing card readings for my friends – and their friends – and loved doing it.

I was also fascinated by psychology, so in pursuit of knowledge and a fulfilling profession, I went to California and earned a BA in Psychology (summa cum laude) from the University of San Francisco and a Masters of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto. Even then, I knew there was more than what meets the eye with each and every client. I also felt deeply in my heart that mainstream psychology lacked a more holistic approach, and thus missed essential pieces of the human existential puzzle, especially concerning our spiritual growth and how essential it is to our life here on earth, as spiritual beings having a human experience.

Following my heart, I proceeded to study Feng Shui, geomancy, vibrational medicine, and other healing arts. I found my passion in these subjects and gradually, through years of soul searching and experience, wove together a healing modality that embraces quantum physics, transpersonal psychology, spiritual wisdom and teachings, tarot psychology, akashic healing and flower essences, into a unique, comprehensive therapeutic approach. At its heart is the core concept and application of reality engineering via the quantum field in resonance with my clients’ soul blueprint.

My initial practice provided Feng Shui consultations, and in parallel I also began doing more personal one-on-one spiritual counselling, helping my clients connect with their Higher Self, by firstly providing them a gateway to access their subconscious mind to generate intuitive knowing into the conscious mind. Supporting them to bloom into their fullest potential through personal and transpersonal growth, by focusing on the development of the Self in a soul-centered approach became and remains the focal point of my work.

Now, I orbit between Europe and Asia. Having lived in Taipei, Montpellier, Hong Kong, San Francisco and New York, my new favourite places to spend time in are Tuscany and Sardinia. I speak English, French, Mandarin Chinese and now Italian. My joys are caring for my rescue dogs, creating my own beautiful home, and channelling Divine Guidance to help my clients experience their magic again by finding their way back to a soul-aligned life.

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