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Soul Gardening

“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.” - Claude Monet

Imagine a Quantum Rose session as tending to the Garden of the Soul. 

You have a vision of what you want to cultivate and what you want to discourage in your life. Your Higher Self identifies what constitutes the sunlight, air, water, and nutrients that will allow your vision to thrive and manifest, and the discernment to weed out what is unneeded: the blocks to your highest manifestation. I will help you by being a conduit for your Guides’ wisdom; they will do the coaching.

Sometimes your Higher Self and guides will surprise you, because what they convey are the information and messages that you need to know in this very moment of your life, often revealing what was partly obscured or wholly invisible to you. They will guide you to clear what is directly in the path of that which is most important for you to manifest at this particular time in your life.

Fertilising Connection

Ask yourself, “who’s doing the gardening in my life?” Is it your higher self – or the gophers, deer, slugs, and snails? What makes your decisions: cognition, or intuition? Who’s driving this bus, anyway? Are you using your Soul GPS, so you can always realign to your divine true north?

The power of a Quantum Rose session is in reacquainting you with your own magic: the wisdom of your guides and angels; your Higher Self; and aligning to your soul’s unique blueprint. It is stepping into your creator power, finding clarity and answers, making decisions and being supported in life transitions. Aligned with divine guidance, you can become an extraordinary creator – and as a creator, you get to play more in the playground of life!

Conscious Weeding

If you’re focusing on your herb border, don’t get distracted by the flowerbeds. As you journey towards your desired manifestation, blocks can show up. The trick is to clear the ones that are in the direct path of your goal rather than attempt to remove every weed in the entire garden. This approach can easily turn into a descent down a rabbit hole that won’t produce clear results. Attempting to clear “all blocks” without focus can become the endless, fruitless cycle of chasing an illusion.

Who else is more qualified than your guides and your higher self to bring these impedances to your conscious awareness, to help you clear your path of stumbling blocks and flow towards your most radiant bloom, the very treasure you seek?

Quantum Rose sessions are focused and pragmatic, distinct from a cure-all approach or full-on healing session that often lack a clear direction. What Quantum Rose sessions offer instead, are effective energy adjustments that are relevant in this particular moment of your life. They result in new awareness, deeper understanding, sharpened focus, and earth-plane-actionable steps towards your goal. And that’s what makes it practical magic

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