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Rich, deep, targeted and magical are the words I'd put in a nutshell to describe Julie and her work. She is keenly intuitive, exudes compassion, zeroes in on issues like a laser beam, and connects with higher guidance in a flash. My sessions are fascinating, useful, and fun; for all their depth and impact, Julie weaves a shared magic in a light, gentle, easy manner that supports optimal flow and discovery. She and the guidance she brings are a pleasure and a treasure!

Pam Rubin Pam Rubin, Brussels, Belgium

Pam Rubin

Brussels, Belgium

Rich, deep, targeted and magical are the words I'd put in a nutshell to describe Julie and her work. She is keenly intuitive, exudes compassion, zeroes in on issues like a laser beam, and connects with higher guidance in a flash. My sessions are fascinating, useful, and fun; for all their depth and impact, Julie weaves a shared magic in a light, gentle, easy manner that supports optimal flow and discovery. She and the guidance she brings are a pleasure and a treasure!

Ranah Farkhondeh

Berlin, Germany

I can’t even put into words how much working with Julie has transformed my entire life. If you come across Julie, know that there is a reason behind it, and if you’re ready to up-level your internal and external worlds, there isn’t any healer or quantum expert I would recommend working with more than Julie. Her approach is extremely unique, combining intuitive/psychic intel to help you understand your current situation and struggles, with energy clearing that helps you identify and shed the layers of friction holding you back from your growth. In essence, she helps catapult you on your soul's evolutionary path from a place of empowerment, confidence, and positivity. Every session with her is like a cradling massage for my soul, and I always leave with unbelievable breakthroughs. I can wholeheartedly say I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Julie helping to guide me along my path. Thank you Julie for allowing me to fully tap into the well of light, power, and creative abundance within me. Your sessions are magic, and I can’t wait to continue seeing where my journey takes me with the help of your wisdom and gifts. 

Moriah Ama Hope,

West Sussex, UK

 Julie is an exceptional channel. Her intuitive guidance is a synergistic blend of high integrity, clarity and precision and she delivers her message with compassion and a warm sense of humour. That she follows through via vibrational essences is an added bonus as it supports the transition from one energetic state into another suggested by her Reading. When I have felt stuck and want a clear, accurate response I turn to Julie. I wholeheartedly recommend her and her work. Much love.

Tim Walter,

Langthwaite, UK

 Many thanks for your connection and accurate evaluation of my situation. I have ordered the recommended flower essences and have immediately found them to be beneficial, so, as I suspected, your intuitive guidance seems to have been spot-on. I look forward to feeling more effects as the suggested course of treatment continues and will be recommending others to use your services.

Margherita Puliga

Trieste, Italy
I got to know Julie first as a person then as a facilitator, or therapist, or assistant, I don't know how to define it, perhaps the best appellation would be: "Healer of souls!" As a person, her external beauty / elegance is striking, but above all her internal one. A kind, beautiful, calm, good, attentive, serious, caring soul, filled with love for creatures and people in difficulty. What is striking is her depth and dedication to the work she does. She always brings her whole self to each session. Her attention to detail and nuances is striking, even those most hidden from ourselves. Immediately I had a natural sympathy towards her and seeing her seriousness in her work, although I myself could define myself as a "healer of souls" through sound and voice, I felt I could, have to ask for her advice, to do a session with her. And it was beautiful! Julie quietly and with extreme sweetness allowed me to contact my angel, my guides, the deepest parts of me. She read and sensed things about me that only a person in contact with something higher could guess and understand. I was moved by her approach and the things she "told" me about myself. She showed me how to be able to draw on that deep and uncontaminated part that is in us, how to perceive that very bright light present in the soul of each of us and which is only waiting to be brought to consciousness and unveiled. She showed me my "talents" and the task that was assigned to me in this life, the dowry that was given to me, the love that I can and I could bring into the world if only I free myself and open myself to life and to love. All things that we seem to know we intuit but with Julie, with the help of her connection to Higher guidance, with her flower essences, her divination tools, with her intuition, they all come even more to light and to consciousness. Today more than ever, in these difficult but stimulating times for our growth and awakening, I believe this is what we should look for in a therapist, in a facilitator, in a counsellor, call it what you want, we should all look for a "Healer of souls". And Julie is, I think from the distant past. It is her talent, her mission, her task in the world. Bring relief, truth, courage, strength to people, whoever they are, to their souls, to their spirits in order to be able in the near future, all of us to become vehicles of truth, of love and to be human creatures worthy of the name. This is required of us human beings. This is the task that heaven has entrusted to us. Julie understood it, she sensed it, maybe she came into the world in this age to help us in this wonderful process, because she is a "Healer of souls" from the distant past.

Sabine Eisaian

California, USA
I just love my channelling sessions with Julie. She has this gentle way of connecting with my higher guidance and always bringing me just the right messages I need to hear and actions I need to take. I already said gentle, but I need to clarify that; Julie’s soft voice and peaceful presence creates a relaxing and loving space for me to be in, to let go, and to trust. Working with Julie has had a tremendous positive impact on my personal relationships, my carreer and my health. Julie has helped me clarify my soul's purpose and clear limiting beliefs that may get in the way of living my soul's purpose. If I have a specific question or concern, Julie is able to receive clear and specific messages from my higher guidance. Very often, I just show up to a session with Julie with no specific question or concern and just curious to see if higher guidance has any messages for me. I’m always blown away by the direction I am guided towards. Much love.

Marcia Nandillon

New York, USA
My session with Julie Rose was very powerful. Her work cleared the stress and pressure I was carrying, and allowed me to manage a number of difficult situations with ease, grace and calm. And I was surprised to find a well of creativity that I didn't know I had, in problem solving under pressure. I slept incredibly well afterwards and the physical stress, released. I highly recommend Julie for the compassionate, laser focused, gentle soul that she is.

Oksana Sidorenko

Moscow, Russia
During the second term of the pandemic I was quite depressed and I didn’t know what to do or where to direct my energy to. I realized that I had to restart a “new me” and decide for myself what I wanted to do that would really make me happy. A good friend of mine Julie Godin suggested that I try channeling. She gave me homework to prepare a list of things I had enjoyed doing and then we had our session. It was a spiritual experience even though we channeled over the phone. As I was receiving the information from the spirits I immediately had an awakening and the energy flow. That same day I got my focus back and ever since I’ve been working on my projects where my heart is. Thank you, Julie! I’m feeling alive again.

Serine E.

Yerevan, Armenia
I had the amazing privilege of having Julie do a clearing for me of a lingering energetic attachment I had with a man in my life, that no longer served me and actually caused a great deal of unhappiness. I knew I had learned all the lessons I needed to learn from the relationship, yet I wasn’t able to let go and move on. During a miraculous session with Julie, she was able to help me clear that energetic attachment. I am freed up from it and can now enjoy my relationships with the people in my life I deeply care about. The heaviness in my heart has been lifted and I am experiencing so much joy. I am truly grateful for Julie's gift of connecting with Higher Guidance and the many tools she has to transform stuck energy. With love, S.

Carlo F

Florence, Italy
Julie helped me with a condition that I had and that I've been struggling with for most of my life. I tried everything: I've been to many different doctors, conventional and unconventional as well, got many different treatments, from drugs to acupuncture to herb decoctions, to change of diet (since my condition was related to my digestive system). Nothing really worked until I got in touch with Julie. We did multiple regular quantum healing sessions together. There was one ground-breaking session where as soon as she started the actual energetic healing I instantly fell asleep, and I woke up when she stopped with an unusual pain, that lasted until the very next morning. After that moment, I started feeling better and better, gradually but actually fairly quickly. To this day I can claim that I haven't experienced any symptoms from my - now - previous condition. I'm very grateful that I found Julie and that she helped me. I recommend her to anyone who is struggling with unusual and chronic symptoms and conditions. I never thought I would be healed from this, but now that I am I could not be happier! Thank you Julie for your kindness, you’ve really helped change my life for the better.

Olof Hedman

I have recently came in contact with Julie and asked for help, I have been struggling with sleep not being able to wake up or sleep which has took a toll on my life, I have been searching for help for years but not a single person has been able to help me not even pills to help me calm down or feel relaxed has been affective.
So I searched for a more spiritual way to cleanse my mind and body, Julie has been amazing using soft spoken words to help me feel more relaxed, her healing sessions and guidance is outstanding, because of her I have found a new path for me to take that can help me in my future better sleep better life better feelings, I absolutely recommend her.
Thank you for the quantum healing sessions.

Yanet Gonzalez

Miami, Florida
Dear Julie, thank you greatly for contributing to my personal and spiritual growth. I appreciate and admire the support and wisdom you provide in our sessions. You are always on point to uncover exactly what needs to be revealed and at the right time. My search to finding my authentic self continues with your help. I wholeheartedly recommend your sessions, intuitive abilities, coaching knowledge and passionate approach to anyone looking to discover and change what is limiting them from achieving their best life. Thank you for your positive encouragement and vision. Lots of love.

Anna Maria P.

Sardinia, Italy
Hi Julie, I want to thank you for the work you are doing for me. I never thought I would have positive answers in such a short time. You were able to read me inside as I never did. With great sweetness you enlightened me also for the things of my character that I don't like and that with your help I am sure that I will be able to soften my edges. What about the "miracle" of the olive tree? After having considered it, thanked it and made it some offerings .... on your indication, the next morning what kept two brothers in conflict all these years was unlocked, finally after so many years they are back to being brothers again. I would like you to continue the work you are doing for me, every problem is solved with ease. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Sophia Noelle

Julie is beyond special with her unique gifts and talents. She has transformed my health and wellbeing as a result of identifying and clearing some pretty serious geopathic stress and other challenges with my very old house with some very serious mold issues that could not be shifted using any of the usual methods.
Within three quantum healing sessions I felt the energies in my home harmonize and the mold neutralize.
By the end of the "treatment plan" the mold has seemingly vanished.
I feel so much lighter and MUCH more balanced and have even seen some challenging relationships harmonize! That's a win-win for all.

Marco F.

Florence, Italy
A friend of mine recommended Julie to me because I finally decided to improve many aspects of my life. She's been amazing in suggesting and understanding what I needed and what I was looking for. During our session together my guides immediately advised to do some house healing for me as this was my main issue at the time. She was thus led to improve the harmony and the energy of my apartment, creating an actual cosy, warm, relaxing space. I started feeling more connected to my apartment, as it has now become something more than a mere house and feels like a home, a safe, warm, inviting place to come back to. She has brought new life to my home. When I come in through the front door of my home, I can actually understand and feel what it really means to have a house that aligns with my own energy. M
She cleared all the bad energy that has accumulated during the years (finally!), everything feels more light and welcoming and actually all the guests that I have hosted from that moment on, are always commenting about how cosy and nice my house feels! After Julie cleared the geopathic stress in my house, I have also started feeling more active, happy and lively. And after about a month from our initial consultation, I received, out of the blue, an unexpected job offer and it was the kind of job opportunity I have always wanted! I suspect this came from fixing my “career and wealth areas", which were cluttered and had blocked energy as Julie pointed out. I am happy to say that since working with Julie, I have seen my life change in a gradual and positive way! She is a wonderful, easy-going person and an amazing healer, I highly recommend her!

Jacques G.

Hong Kong
Julie did healing work on our apartment in the middle of January following the Guidance channelled during our first session together. She then completed a full assessment and a geopathic stress clearing using quantum energy healing. She did a great job by providing an energetic analysis of our living place, and with that determined where there was negative and stagnant energy in our home. Only 2 months have passed and we have already started to feel the benefits of her work!
My wife and I are happier. The place is warmer and feels lighter, we finally feel at home, something that we have always struggled with. Before this, we were traveling so much and always wanted to go out and leave the house. We never wanted to stay put and it was hard for us to stay grounded. Now, my wife worries much less and feels a greater sense of safety and security. Strangely enough, we enjoy staying and spending time at home now! Our health has also shown improvement! This experience has been very positive and transformative for us. We thank Julie very much for her help and hope to see her from time to time to keep improving the energies in our home. Until next year for our annual follow-up! Thanks again!

Vicky Tam

Hong Kong
Dear Julie,
After our initial channelling and quantum healing sessions together that you did for me a few months ago to harmonize my home and create a better energetic flow as my guides had suggested, I then went ahead and made the changes you had mentioned to improve the energy in my living space along with a couple Feng Shui remedies and cures as you advised, and slowly everything started to shift for me! I finally can sleep much better than before! I have had sleeping problems for many years and I can now finally sleep through the night and experience what it is like to feel rested.
My anxiety has diminished, I feel less tired, and now have energy to go about my days! I would like to thank you so very much for your help! You will be always welcome and hope to work with you again in the future!

Alessandra P.

Sicily, Italy
Good evening dear Julie, here I am again to thank you once again for your Guidance. I have proposed the flower that you have recommended to my son to help him in his problem. And after a week of taking them, he has not suffered from swelling and stomach pains. I'm very happy! We will continue the flower remedy for as long as you told me. I will keep you informed of the situation. Meanwhile, dear, thank you, thank you, as always you have been able to identify the remedy with the sweetness and grace that distinguishes you. Big Hug.

Peter Brodendal

Hong Kong
If you are looking for guidance or healing I do sincerely recommend you to contact Julie. Her clarity and capacity is beyond good and her ability to pin down the issues you need to address is extraordinarily precise. I’m extremely grateful for her support and for her connection to higher guidance and give her my warmest recommendation!

Marie Rose

Amay, Belgium

Thanks to Julie Rose for her excellent print. I am amazed by the incredibly accurate way in which she was able to identify certain traits of my personality. She also managed to “feel” my different skills. She covered a problem with a lot of “clairvoyance”, my strong points, my weak points… I want to highlight her gentleness and kindness. Two essential qualities when working with human beings.

Sarah Ellero

Frejus, Italy

I didn't know much about psychological and intuitive tarot but I admit I was amazed by my session with Julie! Without me saying anything to her, Julie very quickly put her finger on my current problem, on the important elements of my past but also on my personality, my qualities and the inner obstacles that were slowing down my progress... Kind, gentle and meticulous, Julie knew how to put me at ease and transmit her beautiful energy to me. During the session, Julie offered me many ideas for reflection as well as all the possibilities that would allow me to resolve the situation. Each card drawn “spoke” to me a lot! In the end, this meeting with Julie was very important because I managed to think about my problem in the best possible way and to “feel” the right choices for me during a complicated period. Thanks Julie!

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